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Special scheme for construction

A report of a contractor taxpayer who is in the special scheme for construction shall, in addition to a a VAT return for the tax period the payment was made, be submitted by the contractor to the competent regional centre – Tax Sector – VAT Return Processing Group, by the 10th of the month following the expiry of the tax period.

All additional information may be obtained on our contact phone number at the regional centres and the Headquarters by employees who are directly responsible for this portion of the services provided by the Indirect Taxation Authority.

  • RC Banja Luka – contact phone: 051/222-625;
  • RC Mostar – contact phone: 036/356-873;
  • RC Sarajevo – contact phone: 033/246-043; 033/246-183;
  • RC Tuzla – contact phone: 035/368-078; 035/368-081; 035/368-089.