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The Indirect Taxation Authority calls upon all taxpayers to submit the request for usage of the “e-VAT” web system. The registered VAT taxpayers, who become the “e-VAT” system users, will be ensured the internet access to their files and information stored in the IT system of the Indirect Taxation Authority. Thus the taxpayers who become the “e-VAT” system users can, at any time, check the status at their tax cards, the information on VAT refund, tax loan, interests, etc.

The taxpayers who want to become the users of the new “e-VAT” system of the Indirect Taxation Authority have to:

  • submit signed and certified statement (posted on the ITA web site) to the relevant ITA Regional Center – IT Group,
  • have internet connection, web browser, as well as some basic experience in operating web applications.

The Indirect Taxation Authority allows its beneficiaries to use the “e-VAT” web service free-of-charge. Using the “e-VAT” electronic application, the taxpayers will not have to either ask for information on their tax card status, refund and tax loan by submitting a request for tax card listing to the competent regional center of the ITA, or to check that by phone.

A taxpayer’s responsible person or a person authorized by the taxpayer, with duly certified authorization, can personally take a username and a password in the IT Group of the relevant regional center of the ITA within seven days after submission of signed and certified Statement, in order to be ensured the access to and usage of the “e-VAT” web system.

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