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Seized tobacco and textile

13.07.2022 | News

Authorized officers of the  Indirect Taxation Authority in the operational action code named Sector and on the road Tuzla-Kalesija confiscated various smuggled textile and tobacco goods worth 304,000 BAM.

In the operational action code named  Sector, authorized officers of the Group for the Prevention of Misdemeanors and Smuggling from the regional center of the ITA in Tuzla temporarily confiscated items from three persons from the RC Tuzla area (Živinice, Banovići) for whom there was no legally prescribed documentation. Namely, the authorized officers of the Anti-Smuggling Group based on the available information about irregularities in the operations of certain economic entities carried out a simultaneous check of the traffic and origin of the goods at 3 locations and on that occasion found 3823 pieces of textile products, the amount of goods (t-shirts, dresses, tracksuits, trousers) for for which there was no legally prescribed documentation.

Authorized officers of the Group for Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors, Department for the Implementation of Regulations of RC Tuzla in cooperation with police officers of MIA TK, Police Station West, on the Tuzla-Kalesija road, searched 2 persons. On that occasion, they found 3,800 cigarette packs that were not marked with the legally prescribed ITA stamps, nor was there any legally prescribed documentation for them.

The value of temporarily seized goods in these operational actions is estimated at 304,000.00 BAM.

The goods in question have been temporarily confiscated, and the measures and actions foreseen by law will be taken against the five persons before the competent judicial authorities. In the course of taking measures within its jurisdiction, specialized equipment and vehicles donated to the ITA by the American Embassy through the EXBS program were used.

The Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina invites all citizens to report any form of customs or VAT evasion, or illegal sale of excise goods, to our open line 080 02 06 07. All calls are free and completely anonymous. Citizens can also send a photo and location where cigarettes and tobacco are sold illegally to Viber number 065 355 155.