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Sarajevo Canton Government uses the ITA digital qualified signature

28.03.2024 | News

As part of the digitization process of public administration in the Sarajevo Canton (SC), the director of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), Mr. Zoran Tegeltija, presented qualified electronic certificates to the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton and the ministers in the government.

The SC government is the first government to submit requests for the issuance of digital signatures in a complete convocation, and procurement is underway for all other managers in the cantonal administration system. This creates the assumption that our E-government project will fully come to life, which is in line with our intention to fully transfer inter-institutional and internal communication to digital form. We want to make it ‘paperless’ to the greatest extent possible, which is not possible to do in a 100% form, but every reduction of the paper circuit is a definite step forward, emphasized on this occasion the Minister of Justice and Administration of the SC Darja Softić Kadenić, on behalf of the Ministry, the project manager of the digitalisation of public administration in Sarajevo Canton.

Mr. Zoran Tegeltija, pointed out that the SC Government has decided to digitize its public administration, which means that services to citizens are provided faster and better.

It is a process that requires much more effort than enabling an electronic signature. However, the Government is preparing all the necessary legal solutions, in order to increase the number of services that citizens and businessmen can use as soon as possible, and to enable them to have faster and more efficient services. We from the ITA are available to the SC Government to provide technical support and security. Digitization is not a bogeyman. Today, the ITA has more than 800,000 such signed documents in its system, and that number is increasing every day, said Tegeltija.