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Sarajevo Airport – medicines and supplements confiscated

1.12.2023 | News

The ITA authorized officials seized a large quantity of goods whose import or export is prohibited, restricted or requires the possession of a permit according to the current regulations in BiH.

Authorized officers of the ITA in cooperation with officers of the BiH Border Police, at Sarajevo Airport confiscated a large quantity of medicines, supplements and other goods, which require special permits for import into BiH. The total value of the seized goods is estimated at BAM 47 000.

The activities were carried out by the CCP/AIRCOP Joint Team (established within the framework of the UNODC project to promote the rule of law and good governance through targeted measures to strengthen border controls in ports and airports in Southeast Europe). On that occasion, the luggage of a foreign citizen who arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Republic of Serbia on a regular flight from Belgrade to Sarajevo was inspected.

During the control, a large amount of goods whose import or export is prohibited, restricted or requires a license according to the valid regulations in BiH, as well as goods of foreign origin of a commercial nature that were not reported to the customs authorities when entering the customs territory of BiH, were found and confiscated from the person. These are medicines, infusions, supplements, sunscreens and other goods, the total value of which is estimated at BAM 47,000.00. Measures and actions prescribed by law have been taken against the perpetrators of the described illegalities.

When taking measures within their competence, the ITA authorized officials used specialized equipment, donated by the US Embassy in BiH, through the EXBS Program, as well as by UNDP/UNODC.

The Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH invites all citizens to report any form of illegal trade, tax or customs evasion to the ITA open line number 080 02 06 07. All calls are free and completely anonymous.