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Larger amount of car-parts seized

2.10.2023 | News

Authorized officers of Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), Regional Center Tuzla seized larger amount of new car-parts of estimated value approximately BAM 359 300 00.

Based on the available information about irregularities in the business of a certain natural person, the authorised officials of the ITA checked the circulation and origin of goods at two locations and on that occasion found and temporarily confiscated a large amount of goods of foreign origin for which there was no legally prescribed documentation. These were water pumps, discs, brake discs, etc., that is, 6,511 pieces of various new parts for passenger motor vehicles. The value of temporarily seized goods in these operations amounts to approx. BAM 359,300.00.

Measures and actions prescribed by law have been taken against the perpetrators of the described illegalities.

When taking measures within their competence, the authorised officials of the ITA used specialized equipment, donated by the US Embassy in B&H, through the EXBS Program, as well as by UNDP/UNODC.

The Indirect Taxation Authority of B&H invites all citizens to report any form of customs or VAT evasion, or illegal sale of excise goods, to our open line 080 02 06 07. All calls are free and completely anonymous.