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Amidžić and Tegeltija on the priorities of the ITA: New professional staff and better technical equipment of the ITA

13.10.2023 | News

The Minister of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Srđan Amidžić and the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) General director Mr. Zoran Tegeltija, discussed the functioning of the Authority and future planned activities, today in Banja Luka (13.10.2023).

During the meeting, the significance of the ITA work, was highlighted, which as of 13.09.2023 collected a record BAM 8 billion and 405 million in indirect taxes, which is BAM 533 million more compared to the same period in 2022.

The ITA Director, Mr. Zoran Tegeltija informed Minister Amidžić about all the most important business processes performed by the ITA, as well as about current problems, especially when it comes to the personnel structure and insufficient number of employees, as well as insufficient technical equipment. They also discussed about activities planned in the upcoming period that should contribute to improving the work of the ITA and achieving even better relations with the business community and citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Minister of Finance and Treasury of B&H Mr. Srđan Amidžić gave full support to all the activities of the Indirect Taxation Authority and promised the help of the relevant Ministry of Finance, especially when it comes to the recruitment of new officials, young people and professionals, and the technical equipment of the ITA.