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Seized 52 kg of cocain

23.01.2023 | News

Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), authorised officials in cooperation with members of ISA and SIPA found and temporarily seized 52 kilograms of powdery substance, which in appearance and colour resembles the narcotic drug cocaine.

Activities on the ground were conducted on Saturday, January 21, 2023, in the area of the city of Sarajevo, and the ITA officials were joined by members of ISA and SIPA. On that occasion, 52 kilograms of powdery substance, which in its appearance and color resembles the intoxicating drug cocaine, was found and temporarily confiscated.

On-the-spot activities were carried out according to the instructions of the acting prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office BiH, and according to the BiH Court order. After the activities in the field were completed, the entire case was handed over to the members of ISA and SIPA.