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Procurement of the new vehicles

30.08.2023 | News

Today, the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) took over 24 new official passenger motor vehicles, the total value amounted to BAM 600,912.00 including VAT. These are vehicles of the Dachia brand, whose individual value at the time of purchase was BAM 25,038.00. The vehicles are intended for inspectors and other ITA officials to carry out business activities.

The document on the handover of new vehicles was signed by Elvir Muminović, assistant director of the ITA, and Slaviša Peulić, director of the Guma M company from Banja Luka.

We remind you that the ITA currently has 246 vehicles in its fleet, whose condition and age structure are very poor. The largest number of vehicles, as many as 77 passenger motor vehicles, are from 2005, 24 vehicles are from 2010, 21 vehicles from 2017, 20 vehicles from 2014, 17 vehicles from 2007, 16 vehicles from 2012 ,12 vehicles from 2008… while as many as 19 vehicles were manufactured before 2000.

Due to the ITA organisation, as well as job descriptions, ITA inspectors and other officials are obliged to travel several hundred kilometers every working day. Due to the fact that the vehicles are quite old and have traveled an extremely large number of kilometers, vehicle breakdowns on the road are very common.

The procurement of 24 new vehicles, which will be distributed to the ITA Main Office and four regional centers in Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla, will partially improve the situation, but the basic problem of the vehicle fleet will not be permanently solved.

The ITA plan is to modernise the entire vehicle fleet in the coming period, with the help of the ITA Management Board and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that the ITA officers can carry out their regular business activities in a more efficient and safe manner.