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Excise duty amounts and rates

The excise duty shall be calculated and paid in the absolute amount per unit of measurement and/or at a proportional rate.

The excise duty for oil products shall be paid per liter, as follows:

а) diesel fuel and other gas oils BAM 0.30;
b) kerosene BAM 0.30;
c) motor gas – unleaded BAM 0.35;
d) motor gasoline BAM 0.40;
е) fuel oil extra light and light special (ЕL и LS) BAM 0.30.

The excise duty for the following excise products shall be paid per litre, as follows:

а) non-alcoholic beverages BAM 0.10;
b) beer BAM 0.20;
c) wine BAM 0.25.

The excise duty for alcohol, alcoholic beverages and natural fruit brandy shall be paid per litre of absolute alcohol, as follows:

а) alcohol BAM 15.00;
b) alcoholic beverages BAM 15.00;
c) natural fruit brandy BAM 8.00.

The excise duty for coffee shall be paid per kilo upon import, as follows:

а) green coffee BAM 1.50;
b) roasted coffee (beans or ground) BAM 3.00;
c) roasted coffee shells and parchments and other coffee products BAM 3.50.

The excise duty for cigarettes shall be paid as follows:

а) proportionally, at the rate of 42 % to the base and
b) specific excise duty determined by the Governing Board each year in a specific decision no later than the 30 September of the previous calender year;

  • Decision on establishing specific and minimum excise duty on cigarettes

The excise duty on other tobacco products shall be paid at the rate of 42% of the base.

You can find more information on excise duty amounts and rates in Chapter IV of the Law on excise duties.