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Intellectual property

  • Respect for intellectual property rights is of key importance for introducing a culture of innovation which facilitates economic development, creates jobs and increases revenues
  • This website is intended to inform the public about the system of intellectual property  rights protection, the forms, occurences and concequences of violation of these rights, and the prohibitions and restrictions regulated by non-customs regulations.

The IPR, Prohibitions and Restrictions Division coordinates activities within the ITA relating to intellectual property, prohibitions and restrictions regulated by non-customs regulations.

Intellectual property protection is an important part of the implementation of Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU.

The role, scope and competence of customs authorities in the implementation of intellectual property protection measures.

Intellectual property rights, namely: trademark, copyright and related rights, industrial design, patent and origin or geographic indication, are protected upon importation, exportation or transit of goods, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Customs authorities shall, in cases of suspicion of intellectual property infringement, suspend customs procedure until the completion of the proceedings establishing the infringement.