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Training for officers of the Smuggling and Crime Prevention Group

In the Central Office on 11.10.2022. in Banja Luka, a training session was held on the topic  Detecting and Prosecuting the Crime of ‘Smuggling’ from Article 214 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the first of the trainings that will be held in all regional centers for officials working on the prevention of smuggling and violations.

The training was held by officers of the Department for Enforcement of Regulations, Group for the Prevention of Smuggling and Violations of the Tuzla Regional Center, who presented their work and operational experiences through presentations and practical cases.

The purpose of the training is to improve work through the exchange of experiences with regard to new smuggling trends and the transfer of knowledge with the aim of uniform treatment of officials of groups for the prevention of smuggling and offenses in the Indirect Taxation Authority.