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Counterfeit sneakers confiscated at the Gradiška Customs office

Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) authorized officers temporarily seized a large quantity of counterfeit sneakers, at the Gradiška Customs office, valued at BAM 1 757 400.

A detailed inspection of the shipment that was declared for import customs clearance at the Gradiška Customs office revealed a large quantity of goods that are reasonably suspected of infringing the trademarks of well-known international brands. For this reason, 11,716 pairs of sneakers bearing the Nike and Puma trademarks were temporarily retained, valued at BAM 1 757 400. The goods in question were retained due to the well-founded suspicion that an infringement of intellectual property rights had been committed against them, as stated by the representatives of the holders of the aforementioned internationally registered trademarks. The customs authorities will undertake further official actions in accordance with the Decision on the implementation of customs measures for the protection of the rights of the trademark holder.

When taking measures within their competence, the authorized officials of the ITA use specialized equipment, donated by the US Embassy in B&H, through the EXBS Program, as well as by UNDP/UNODC.

The Indirect Taxation Authority of B&H invites all citizens to report any form of illegal trade, tax or customs evasion to the ITA open line 080 02 06 07. All calls are free and completely anonymous.