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Customs office Šamac: Declared onions, and smuggled potatoes

The Indirect Taxation Authority officials at the Šamac Customs Office seized 18,000 kg of potatoes, tried to be smuggled into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the customs office in Šamac, the importer declared a shipment of red onions in the amount of 23,000 kg for import customs clearance. During the review of the attached documentation, doubts were expressed about the type and quantity of the goods, and a detailed inspection of the shipment was started, after which it was determined that in addition to the regularly declared goods, there were also goods in the truck for which no import customs documentation was attached.

The undeclared goods were hidden in such a way that red onions were loaded on the last 4 pallets, and in the rest of the shipment, in the depth of the cargo area which cannot be accessed without detailed unloading, 18 pallets of table potatoes with a total weight of 18,000 kg were found. It is assumed that the exchange of goods was made due to the fact that when importing potatoes from EU countries to BIH, an additional tax in the amount of BAM 0.10 per kilogram is paid, which is not charged when importing red onions.

The person who committed this customs violation accepted responsibility, a violation order was issued, and the goods were permanently confiscated and will be sold at a public auction organized by the ITA.

The Indirect Taxation Authority in BiH invites all citizens to report any form of customs or VAT evasion, or illegal sale of excise goods, to our open line 080 02 06 07. All calls are free and completely anonymous.