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Collegium of the ITA Sector for the Enforcement of Regulations

The collegium by the ITA Sector for Enforcement of Regulations was held, today (17.08.2023.) in Banja Luka. The collegium was led by the General Director PhD Zoran Tegeltija and it was attended by all heads of departments and groups from the ITA main office and from the regional centers of Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla.

At the beginning of the collegium, sector and department managers presented the results of the Regulatory Enforcement Sector work, overall and by regional centers, and it was concluded that the results achieved in the seven months of 2023 were similar to the results achieved in the previous year, 2022.

The ITA Director pointed out that he expects that with the newly appointed managers, the Sector for Enforcement of Regulations will achieve the best results.

The collegium also discussed the activity plan of the Sector for Enforcement of Regulations until the end of 2023 in order to improve the results of the ITA in the field of intelligence work, investigations and prevention of smuggling and misdemeanors.